Thursday, January 29, 2015

School is starting but TV is heating up

Despite the summer holidays coming to an end, this is an exciting time of the year!

I have been very good this summer and not watched tooooo much television, but being back at work and school has made me want to revert to old comforts when I'm just ready to crash at home.

And luckily a few of my favourite TV shows have started up again!

First up is The Vampire Diaries. Now, for a show that has been going for 6 seasons, I feel like it has just hit one of it's best seasons yet. There was a real slump in the middle there, but this season has got it aaalll going for it - namely an amazing new villain (I really think that they never recovered after Klaus et al left), and a plot line that isn't all completely confusing. Obv. it is confusing to a certain extent, but that's just the charm of TVD. The other thing that I am loving about this season is the very "now" 90s themes they have going on - to the extent that each episode is a play on a popular song from the 90s. Really and truly touching my heart there!

OMG also I almost forgot - the twin witches!! They run this show for me.

Whereas the previous few seasons I have been forgetting to keep up to date with it, and really only watching out of a sense of loyalty (lol when did loyalty to tv shows become a thing), this season I am waiting not-so-patiently each week for my latest TVD fix!

I definitely recommend checking this season out, even if you had given up on it. Come and nestle right back into the familiar town of Mystic Falls with all your lovable/sociopath characters.

If you feel the need to catch up, or re-watch the classics (anything with Klaus or Elijah gets huge thumbs up from me) check out the dvds we have at the library:

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five

AND the books! I got so addicted to these when I discovered them:

The Awakening; The Struggle (1&2)
The Fury; The Reunion (3&4)

Stay tuned for my next installment of my favourite TV shows.... !


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