Saturday, January 3, 2015

Recommendation: 'Blackbird' by Anna Carey

You wake up on train tracks with no memory of how you got there and no knowledge of who you are. Acting on instinct you run and try and find a place of safety to take stock of your situation. But there is no safe place and no time to stop and think because someone is targeting you and they are not afraid to use the Police and any means necessary to find you and bring you in.  It will take time to pull the pieces together, but time is something you may not have.

Blackbird is a unique voice in the thriller genre telling the story from the second person voice (you and your rather than me and I) which may be a little off putting for some readers but was a great tool for sucking you into the action. 
Right from the start there is a tangible conspiracy theory in play because "you" know that someone is after you and that "you" are in danger but you aren't quite sure why and who.  

At only 249 pages Blackbird is not a huge read, and the rapidly changing chapters keeping the pace moving at breakneck speed so it is really easy to get caught up in the action and drama.  Blackbird feels like it might be the start of a new series, although it is a rather complete read in its own right.  Can you figure out all the twists and turns before "you" do?

Title: Blackbird
Author: Anna Carey
ISBN: 9780062299734
Published: 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen

- Our huge thanks to Em at Central City Library for the gripping review!


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