Monday, December 22, 2014

Recommendation: 'Icons' by Margaret Stohl

They came from the sky, massive objects known as Icons. 

The Icons have remained in place for years as a constant and powerful reminder of the day they dropped from the sky and snuffed out the life of every living thing in their shadows. Years later the people of Earth have settled into their new way of life, ruled by the Icons and the Sympa soldiers who enforce the rule of their alien masters - but there will always be rebels who fight against any oppressive regime.

On the plains surrounding the remains of one of the great cities brought to its knees by an Icon, Dol and Ro live a simple life.  For some reason Dol managed to survive the power of the Icon - and she is still immune to its power making her a very valuable tool.  For years the Padre kept her and Ro safe and hidden, but that safety ends when soldiers invade their sanctuary.  Dol is terrified not only on the Sympa soldiers, but also that she might be discovered: because she and Ro both hide a shared secret.

Dragged from the only home they have known Dol and Ro find themselves in the "care" of the Ambassador.  Life among the Ambassador and her people brings them into contact with other teenagers who seem just as remarkable as they are, including the Ambassadors' son Lucas.  It is a confusing time for all of them but Dol feels more than confused, she also feels torn and conflicted because she loves Ro like a brother but he wants more. And she quickly discovers that her heart wants Lucas.  The more they learn about their new world the more Dol comes to realise that their powers give them the opportunity to fight back against the Icons, but to destroy the Icon on the hill she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Title: Icons
Author: Margaret Stohl
ISBN: 9780316205191

Published: 2013
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

- Our thanks to Em from Central City Library for this great review!


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