Friday, December 5, 2014

Recommendation: 'Code red lipstick' by Sarah Sky

Jessica Cole has a rather unusual lifestyle - one, she is a teen model and two, her father is a retired MI6 operative who is now a private detective.  So it's not surprising that Jessica has picked up a few unusual life skills - and some interesting instructions for when things go wrong.  

When her father goes missing and his secret office is ransacked, Jessica seeks out help - only to be told to sit tight and do nothing because her father is wanted for questioning for dodgy dealings.  With no sign of professional help on the horizon Jessica reaches out to her modelling agency and scores a trip to Paris as part of Couture Week - but she should have realised things would never be that simple.  

When it becomes clear that someone is targeting Jessica with "accidents" she begins a race against time to find her father before the (required) evil mastermind completes their devious plan - if only she can figure out who the mastermind is first!

This is a fun and flirty little read that breaks away from the ever present dystopian novels and serious spy novels aimed at the teen boy market - Code red lipstick has the gadgets, the danger, the villains, and the twists, but it also has fashion name dropping and laugh out loud moments.   If you want a fun read with a bit of substance then Code red lipstick may just be the book for you.  A great first book in a series with oodles of promise.

Title: Code red lipstick
Author: Sarah Sky
ISBN: 9781407140179
Published: 2014
Publisher: Scholastic

- Em, Central City Library


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