Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recommendation: The whole business with Kiffo and the pitbull by Barry Jonsberg

I recently had the total pleasure of listening to author Barry Jonsberg talk. He was incredibly funny, the audience loved him and I felt truly embarrassed that I’d never read any of his books, as he’s won loads of awards over the ditch in Oz.

The whole business of Kiffo… is every bit as hilarious as I would have expected. Calma Harrison is a super smart teen who doesn’t play well with authority. Her home life isn’t the best, in fact it’s so bad, her mother is a fridge. Well not literally a fridge, but the fact that the majority of their communication takes place via notes left on the fridge means their relationship is not great.

Calma has a strange friendship with the school loser, Kiffo. From a rough family, having faced a horrible past, Kiffo doesn’t care about anything or anyone, except maybe Calma. When an evil English teacher arrives and starts to make their lives misery, Calma and Kiffo decide something has to be done.

“A thick forest of eyebrow hair matched the bushy growth on her upper lip. Her mouth was twisted into a sneer, with little beads of drool starting to dribble. I mean, if she really had been a dog someone would have shot her before she had the chance to bite anyone.”

Highly entertaining, this is a great read. Jonsberg’s writing is brilliant!

Check out The whole business with Kiffo and the pitbull at Auckland Libraries.


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