Friday, October 24, 2014

Recommendation - Panic by Lauren Oliver

I recently finished Panic by Lauren Oliver. It was a good, fast, easy read.

One very short sentence into this post and I’m already getting side tracked. I happened to pick up Delirium in July 2012 and although it was incredibly riddled with plot holes, I just couldn’t help myself from liking it.  Lauren Oliver just writes in a voice that works for me. I also picked up Before I Fall, and preferred that over Delirium, completely different style, but again written so I was immediately interested, especially considering how many times we heard the same story in the book.

I've got to give Lauren Oliver credit here. She debuted with Before I Fall, where a girl Ground Hog days' her last day over and over again; then she wrote the dystopia series for Delirium; and she's now given us Panic that doesn’t read like any of her earlier books. Let’s not forget that this isn’t her complete list.  She writes about a variety of subjects and tackles them all with different voices.  Lauren Oliver, you have mad skills!

Now back to Panic.

Our main characters that we follow are Heather and Dodge, and the chapters are divided into their voices. Their voices are distinct enough that its worth the effort to do this.  The book was easy to read and it was a good quick read, and while there were some incredibly obvious plot points in the book, there were some really great subtle ones too. The balance between the two characters was good enough that you didn’t want to chuck the book across the room.  However there was one major one.  And I’m not sure how come Lauren Oliver made this one so glaringly obvious.

Things that make this book interesting, there are tigers, guns and great friendships.

For a good, decent read (and a great distraction from exam prepping!) borrow it now.


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