Monday, October 20, 2014

Books to movies - The Duff

Did you read the book The Duff when it came out?  If not, definitely go here and borrow it, as it's going to be hitting cinemas in 2015. The story is about 17 year old Bianca being labelled ‘the Duff’, that’s Designated Ugly Fat Friend, and what happens when she hears it.  I won’t reveal too much hear, because you should read the book.

While the screen adaptation sounds like it will be true to the themes from the book, there are some obvious changes; like who names her the Duff, new character Madison, queen of the school (whatever that means) and that Bianca then seems to focus her attention on her, to teach her a lesson.

Author Kody Keplinger is thrilled with the film being adapted, and though she isn’t involved in production she does say she called it back in 2010 that Mae Whitman would be the ideal Bianca. Check out the cast here.


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