Thursday, September 11, 2014

Recommendation: 'Free to fall' by Lauren Miller

Rory has just been accepted into the Theden Academy - an elite finishing school that will allow Rory to attend any university - a chance at a bright future.  Having grown up in a family with limited financial means, Theden gives her a chance at a real future.  Life at Theden is liberating and challenging, the teachers expect them to be grown up in their choices and decisions and grant them a great deal of freedom - but that freedom also comes with a few strings.  In a group of exceptional students Rory should just be one of the students, but she soon learns that even among the exceptionally gifted students of Theden she is a gifted student - excelling in all areas rather than just a few.

In a world where most people let Lux make their decisions, and where technology is part of everyday life, it is all too easy to just become one of the masses.  While exploring the local town with her room mate Hershey, Rory meets North and discovers that she has led a rather sheltered life.  North avoids Lux and a lot of the trappings of the modern world, and it is through his eyes that Rory begins to understand some of the dangers lurking under the mundane and normal world she has always know.  When Rory discovers a forbidden secret she finds herself in a race against time to uncover the entire secret - before her life is destroyed by the very people who promised her the brightest future of all.

Free to fall is an intense psychological thriller that bends genres as it drags you along for the adrenaline fuelled rush that is Rory's life as she fights to uncover the truth and find her own destiny.  Nothing is as it seems, and she soon realises that sometimes the more ordered things are the more rotten they are at the core.  There are subtle twists and turns as the truth becomes lies, and the lies become the truth, and the conspiracy is laid bare.  There are a series of complex layers to Free to fall that make it a complete world and one that absorbs you completely - the characters are believable, the world is close enough to ours to be believable, and the mystery/thriller element is deftly executed.  A thoroughly engrossing and mind blowing read, and it makes you wonder if there is already a company out there like the one in the book - conspiracy theorists would likely agree there is!

If you enjoy Free to fall then try Miller's first book Parallel.

Title: Free to fall
Author: Lauren Miller
ISBN: 9780062199805
Published: 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen

- Em, Central City Library


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