Monday, September 22, 2014

Recommendation: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

I’ll be honest here. When I got my hands on a copy of Ender’s Game, it ended up on the bottom of my reading pile. A guy dressed in a weird spacesuit looking out over the universe on the cover didn’t instantly scream, “you’re gonna love me”. But as so often happens, I was proved totally wrong, and within a couple of pages was hooked.

This is great intelligent but accessible science fiction. Ender’s whole life has been overshadowed by fear of an attack by Earth’s enemy, the unfortunately named “Buggers” (named because they look like giant bugs). A small group of elite students are selected for Battle School, where they are trained to fight in space.  The selection process is brutal and successful fighters require a perfect balance of intelligence, ruthlessness and tactical skills which mean only a tiny proportion of the population are accepted. Ender’s older siblings have already been rejected in spite of their brilliance.  Ender however makes the cut and finds himself in a world where the only thing that matters is fighting and winning.

Ender is an amazing character, constantly being manipulated by his superiors; his amazing brain allows him to come out on top in all situations. But just what will happen when his skills are put to the test, this time for real?

Check out Ender’s game at Auckland Libraries.

Or if you’re a comic fan, here’s Ender’s game as a graphic novel.

Or if you like your fiction on a TV screen then you’re in luck. Check out Ender’s game on DVD instead (and read our review of the movie here).


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