Friday, August 29, 2014

Retro read: 'Survival' by Chris Ryan

For most of the teenagers on the Phoenix it is the adventure of a lifetime, sailing on the ocean and working as a tightknit team to keep everything on the boat working smoothly.  For most teenagers - but not the five teenagers who make up the A-Watch: Alex, Li, Paolo, Amber, and Hex.  In a single moment they make a decision that places their lives in danger as they are set adrift on the ocean in a small boat with hardly any supplies and little chance of finding land before their limited supplies run out.  

When they manage to find an island it seems as though they have reached safety but nothing is that easy, not even their attempt to land on the island.  Each of them has a unique skill set that can help save them all - but first they have to learn to work as a team, and the clock is already ticking against them.

Survival is the first book in the ALPHA force series and is an explosive, high octane race against time for the team to learn to work together.  Although this book is more than ten years old it is not dated or too old school to enjoy - the action drives the story from cover to cover and by the end of the book you are almost as exhausted as the team.  There is someone to relate to in this group of teenagers for almost anyone - the animal expert, the technology expert, the survivalist, and the person with the medical smarts to help patch up the others.  No one is perfect here, and that's what makes it perfect!

If you enjoy Survival the good news is there is the rest of the series to enjoy, and once you have read those there are plenty of other Chris Ryan books to enjoy.  Chris Ryan was a member of the SAS and his writing has a gritty reality and a punchy style that is fast paced and addictive, with the story driven by the characters and the action rather than the characters and their world view.

Title: Survival
Author: Chris Ryan
ISBN: 9780099439240 (pbk.)
Published: 2002
Publisher: Red Fox

- Em, Central City Library


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