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Reading Recommendation: The Telesa Series by Lani Wendt Young

This is my first book review and I’m inspired to write it because I fell completely out-of-my-mind in love with the Telesa series by Lani Wendt Young and I have to share this with you.

You know when you find a book that you get so obsessed with, you start sneaking to your room or away from people to ‘just read another chapter!’…..then you end up a walking zombie because you didn’t sleep much on account of your physical inability to put the book down. Well, the first book Telesā - The Covenant Keeper in this series did that to me. So you can understand my delight at finding there were two other books after it, plus a bonus ‘novella’ giving a point-of-view account from the heart throb Daniel Tahi.

The general gist of the series is that Leila moves to Samoa from America, discovers something major about her past and her unknown powers and basically gets dragged into a world of ancient Samoan mythology which actually is alive and well. Daniel (the aforementioned heart throb) and Leila are drawn together (you find out why in book two When Water Burns) but they aren’t really all that good for each other. But I completely love him (team Daniel!!!), and it’s very obvious that they love each other so it’s meant to be right? It’s just those cosmic mystical demonettes that keep getting in the way.

Talking about them, the ‘Telesā’ are supposedly only myth – a sisterhood of scary women with wicked elemental powers (Air, Water and Fire) who are guardians of earth. I’m not spoiling the books to tell you they are very real and very mean. But their cruelty makes for some can’t-put-the-book-down reading and in a way I ended up respecting them for their spectacular wickedness. It’s just sad when they are mean to my boy Daniel <sigh>.

Aside from the tummy-twisting romantic bits, there are lots of other great characters who opened my eyes to the beautiful and complex society of Samoa. Add to that amazing descriptions of food, beaches and what life is like at high school on that Pacific Island – it’s almost like being on holiday there.

The author Lani Wendt Young (she sounds amazing – working mum of five!) has done an author talk at Auckland Libraries before and although she lives in Samoa now, you could potentially meet her at a book launch or the like one day in Auckland. She writes a blog too. Plus there aren’t stupid-long wait lists for the books in the Auckland Libraries catalogue…and there is rumour of a movie getting made…..always better to read the book first :)

Go forth, read, fall in love, get mad, then get really mad and then…’ll just have to read to book three The Bone Bearer to find out.

The Telesa series by Lani Wendt Young
Telesā - the covenant keeper
I am Daniel Tahi - a Telesā novella
When water burns
The bone bearer

- Our thanks to guest poster (and all around awesome chick) Rebecca for this fantastic review!


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