Sunday, July 13, 2014

Geekery Love: Round Two

We've searched the interwebs high and low to bring you the coolest stuff to display your geekery love.


Lorde's got one, Marge Simpson's got one and now Maleficent has one: MAC introduce a line of makeup for everyone's favourite twisted fairy. Check out the full collection here.

Plus Angelina Jolie, Disney and Stella McCartney teamed up for a Maleficent fashion line. Love these kicks:

22 Jump Street

We all need this singlet (and maybe Channing Tatum to be wearing it!)

And of course the lol-worthy MC State tee:

The Fault In Our Stars

 Did you sob your way through The Fault In Our Stars? Yeah, me too. So we both need this ring, right? 

Sticking with jewellery, this TFIOS charm bracelet is extremely cute and not too expensive:

But if all that's a bit too subtle for you, what about this gorgeous scarf?


So there was no Shia LaBeouf this time, but there was Mark Wahlberg, the Autobots, Decepticons and this awesome Transformers Vitruvian Prime 30 Single T-Shirt...

Guardians of the Galaxy

So we've got three weeks til the movie drops in cinemas. Get your geek on in anticipation with this awesome minimalist teeshirt design.

Or go back to where it all began with these original comics!!!

Lastly, how adorably bad-ass is this Raccoon bobble head from the film's official merchandise line?


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