Monday, June 16, 2014

Recommendation: 'Nearly gone' by Elle Cosimano

Nearly "Leigh" Boswell lives in a trailer park in Washington, DC. and has her sights set on one goal - win a scholarship and leave her small town life behind for a better future.  The only thing really standing between Leigh and a $25,000 scholarship is Anh, one of her best friends and friendly rival.  Leigh works hard to keep up her grades, and spends time tutoring other students to meet the community service requirement of the scholarship.  She stays in the shadows, keeping her head down, and her nose clean.  She doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and doesn't fool around with boys - mainly because she has an unusual gift - or curse, depending how you look at it.  When Leigh touches someone she can taste their emotions, knowing instantly how they feel about her and everything else.

When one of her tutoring students is attacked and marked with a number, it seems like a random attack.  Then Leigh remembers an unusual personal ad in the local paper, a personal ad that seems to indicate the attack was premeditated.  When another attack occurs Leigh finds the clue but is too late to stop the attack and now she knows that someone is playing a deadly game.  As the attacks start increasing Leigh finds herself the focus of suspicion - and the focus of attention for the narc the police have hidden in her school.  Leigh is running out of time to solve the mystery of who the killer is, and if she can't figure it out soon she may be their next target.

Nearly gone is an intense thriller that blends together a touch of the supernatural with a twisted psychological thriller as you try and figure out who the killer is.  In Leigh's world there are plenty of suspects and suspicious characters because no one is what they seem and even Leigh's gift may not be enough to help her sift through the clues before the killer reaches their ultimate goal.  Can you guess who the killer is and why they are trying to tear apart Leigh's world?

Title: Nearly gone
Author: Elle Cosimano
ISBN: 9780803739260
Published: 2014
Publisher: Kathy Dawson Books

- Em, Central City Library


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