Sunday, June 29, 2014

Recommendation: Looking for Alaska

This novel by John Green is written in the perspective of a teenage boy; Miles Halter, otherwise known as “Pudge”, who memorises peoples' last words. He goes to ‘Culver Creek’ boarding school to “seek a Great Perhaps”.

Pudge goes through an unforgettable and deeply moving experience, making friends along the way. He suffers loss and pain but also feels love and longing.

This book is about love, friendship and loss. It focuses on the idea that life is a labyrinth and is about trying to finding a way out. Some people can and some will never escape this labyrinth. Around this central idea, John Green builds an elaborate story of an intense and emotional journey as lived by this teenage boy.

It is based on teenage life without the cliché (‘guy-and-girl-fall-in-love-and-stuff-happens-then-they-break-up’) type story line and John Green is not afraid to explore some of the darker aspects of teenage life that is true and really happening but are usually not noticed.

If you loved the ‘Fault in Our Stars’ movie that came out recently, I strongly suggest you give this book a try. It’s definitely a tear-jerker.

You can place a hold on Looking For Alaska by clicking here.

- Thanks to guest reviewer Lilian for this great recommendation! 


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