Thursday, May 15, 2014

Get crafty: Duct Tape Boots

As soon as I heard the phrase “Duct Tape Boots”, I knew I needed a pair in my life. Finally, a fancy-dress event gave me the excuse I needed to get my craft on.

So, I
·         found a “recipe” online
·         located the perfect duct tape at Bunnings
·         employed a little crafty magic

And wham bam, here’s what I created. (The attached moustache is definitely optional, mine somehow relocated from my top lip to my boot!*)

Duct tape is a very cool craft medium. On a recent trip to America, I discovered this beautiful display (below) and restrained myself – just. If you’re good at that whole patience thing, and unlike me can wait longer than five minutes to get started, there’s a huge selection of the patterned stuff on TradeMe.

Inspired to try your hand at a duct tape wallet, mobile phone holder, some jewellery, or maybe even a vase? The library has an awesome selection of books to provide some inspiration.

Good luck and may your duct tape be forever sticky!

*a virtual prize if you can guess who I was dressed as.


  1. I would like a photo of the whole outfit please... I'm thinking... Hulk Hogan?


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