Friday, December 20, 2013

Recommendation: 'The Last Girl' by Michael Adams

We are so connected that it is just something that we take for granted.  Smart phones, wifi, tablets…  There are so many ways that we stay in touch.  It’s got to the stage where we hardly ever hear the word “snail mail” anymore.  Everything is instant and we know so much about everyone from what they share online.
The best ideas for books often come from taking the obvious things we live with everyday, making a small leap and then sitting at the keyboard to see what happens.  That is what Michael Adams does in The Last Girl.  Instead of relying on technology to stay connected evolution takes the leap and suddenly everyone can hear what everyone else is thinking.  Secrets are no longer secret and the ensuing chaos is sometimes sad but often graphically violent.

A few remain insulated from the madness.  Danby is one of them and this is her story as she struggles with the violence, morality and breakdown of family relationships.  She strives to protect her young brother and reach her mother in the Blue Mountains.  This book is an interesting mix of action packed and thought provoking.

So imagine how you would feel if everyone could read your thoughts, at the very instant that you think them.

Nothing can remain unsaid.  Then dive into Danby’s world in the first book of the series.

Title: The Last Girl
Author: Michael Adams
ISBN: 9781743316368
Published: 2013
Publisher: Allen & Unwin

 - Anne, Youth Service Advisor, Service Development


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