Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Recommendation: 'White Cat' by Holly Black

White Cat is the first in Holly Black's Curse Workers series. It is set in an alternate world, where Workers are people with the ability to change your emotions, luck, and memories with simply the touch of their hands. Curse Work is illegal, which makes all Workers criminals; many become gangsters and con artists. Cassel Sharpe comes from a family of Curse Workers. He's the odd one out, the only non-Worker in his family, and the only non-criminal. That is, except for the fact that for the past three years he's been living with the guilt of killing his best friend, Lila.

Cassel's guilt seems to be getting the better of him when he starts sleepwalking and having strange dreams about a white cat. He also begins to notice the unusual behavior of his brothers, the secrets they are keeping from him. Cassel embarks on a mission to unravel his memories and discover the truth of the game being played.

Well! I just finished this book, in audiobook format, narrated by Jesse Eisenberg. It was so good! I have already started on the second book in the trilogy, Red Glove. This is a trilogy I would seriously suggest that you read (or if you're like me, listen to!). Holly Black has created such an interesting world, which is so much like our own, but with the slight difference in the existence of Curse Workers. All of Black's characters are so intriguing that I couldn't wait to get to know them more! Cassel is a great main character, tortured by his perceived natural evil  inclinations and his desire to be good. He has a desire to fit in, to be liked, but also to be noticed not too much. This story takes you on a rollercoaster ride as Cassel discovers more and more secrets that have been kept from him.

This book has it all: love! family toil! mobsters! magic! assassinations! surprises! cats!

Title: White Cat
Author: Holly Black
ISBN: 9781416963967
Published: c2010
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books


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