Saturday, November 2, 2013

Recommendation: 'When we wake' by Karen Healey

When we wake by Karen Healey.
When we wake by Karen Healey

Yesterday was Tegan's perfect day. She is with her best friend, and her brand-new boyfriend. They're together. And they're working to save the world. 


She wakes up.

Tegan was proud the day she'd signed the paperwork to donate her body. 

Until she wakes up...

And she has been asleep for just over a hundred years.

A hundred years when the people she loved lived and died without her.

A hundred years while technology and society and the world changed around her.

And now, it is time to save the world again.

Her task wasn't over. It was just on ice. 

A chilling* story of courage and conviction - and a scary look into a possible future.

*sorry for the pun. 

~ Ann(i)e, Helensville Library. 


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