Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recommendation: 'Hate list' by Jennifer Brown

OMG, an amazing first novel. This book grabbed me and kept me turning the pages until I had finished.

The blurb asks ”What if you wished someone would die and then it happened? What if the killer was someone you loved?”

Even though it was Valerie’s boyfriend Nick who took a gun to school, killing several people before shooting himself, everyone seems to blame Valerie. After all, Valerie helped Nick create the “hatelist” that Nick used to choose his targets.

With her parent’s marriage falling apart, Nick dead, Valerie returns to school to confront the pain and anger of her classmates. Valerie and Nick did not belong to the popular crowd and were bullied by several of there classmates, so she recorded names in her notebook that became the “hatelist”. Valerie had no idea that when she told Nick that a bully had broken her MP3 player, that he would resolve the problem by going on a shooting spree.

The story is told partly in the present and partly through flashback. The characters are very real and the sense of drama, tragedy and conflict is strong. There are so many victims in this book and they all are trying to recover from the tragedy.

A powerful young adult read. This is the book that I hoped 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult was going to be.

Title: Hate List
Author: Jennifer Brown
ISBN: 9780316041447
Published: c2009
Publisher: Little, Brown and Co.

 - Sally, East Coast Bays Library


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