Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Recommendation: 'Jepp, who defied the stars'

Jepp, who defied the stars by Katherine Marsh

Jepp's story shows us all that it is our abilities that matter, rather than our disabilities, as he struggles against his fate.

Raised in an impoverished village in 16th century Spanish-ruled Netherlands, Jepp isn't really aware that he is different - a dwarf - for many years. But it is his physical stature that is the impetus for his journey - both physical and emotional.

As he travels from country village to royal court; from object of ridicule to a noted-scholar, Jepp also discovers his strengths and his courage.

Meet Jepp - someone determined to decide his own fate.

PS New Zealand's Margaret Mahy wrote The catalogue of the universe about another young man interested in the stars - this one is set in New Zealand, and stars Tycho, named after one of Jepp's influences. 

~ Reviewed by Anne. 


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