Sunday, September 15, 2013

Recommendation: 'The freedom merchants'

The freedom merchants by Sherryl Jordan

Liam's village - like much of coastal early-17th century Europe - lives under constant fear of pirate raids. Barbary pirates can sweep in, kidnap many, and ruin lives. 

However, the latest attack doesn't go to plan, as the pirates arrive as the same time as a storm, which wrecks the ship. 

There are no survivors. At least, not as far as most of the village knows. But Liam has found one lone pirate. Injured and exhausted, and not much older than him. Can Liam - and his family - stand up to the rest of the village and let this young man live? 

The villagers' decision to be merciful has far-reaching consequences. From one act of mercy comes a chance of freedom and new life for so many people. A chance of redemption.

This is a departure from New Zealand author Sherryl Jordan, as she mostly writes fantasy - albeit often with a historical twist. This is a straight historical fiction, with action, adventure, and unexpected heroes. 

~ Reviewed by Anne. 


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