Thursday, August 8, 2013

Retro read: 'See ya, Simon' by David Hill

See ya, Simon by David Hill

While wondering what wonderful read to pull out of my memory banks for this month's retro read, I couldn't believe we hadn't already highlighted this treasure...

See ya, Simon will make you laugh and cry. It is a beautiful story of friendship and grief.

Nathan shares the story of his nearly-lifetime friendship with Simon. Simon has muscular dystrophy, and his physical condition has slowly deteriorated over the years. Now, at 14, they have to face the reality of Simon's fast-approaching death. 

I know, it doesn't sound like the lightest and funniest read. But it is. Oh, and tear-jerking - as you'd expect. 

The strength of the book is the characters. Simon is funny, quick-witted, and a typical teen. Nathan is usually the straight-guy to Simon's antics. All the secondary characters - teachers included - are fully-realised, and real. 

Step back in time, and check out this New Zealand classic. It's well-worth it. 

~ Annie, Central. 


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