Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Play the Auckland Libraries zombie game “City of Souls” online

City of Souls is an adventure game for ages 14 and over, written and designed by Auckland Libraries using Twine.

It's just an ordinary day in the school holidays, and you've been told to look after your little sister Midge. But when the zombie apocalypse breaks out, she gets bitten and suddenly you're facing a desperate battle for survival. Can you escape the walking dead and make it to Auckland CBD with your mates? Will your little sister be cured or end up one of the undead? The zombie plague continues online - just click to play!

City of Souls is part of our zombie season - last school holidays 40 teens from Tupu Youth Library got caught in a live-action zombie siege which you can watch on the TV3 website. There's also photos and clips from the day on Twitter, and if you're hungry for more, check out our zombie apocalypse reading list!


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