Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recommendation: "The Isle of Blood: William James Henry" by Rick Yancey

The Monstrumologist is back. Yes, monstrumology the study of you know what: "Imagine an enormous robin's nest fashioned not from twigs and leaves but from human remains." Like, ewww!

Ok, if you read on then you'd probably make a good apprentice: "I did not want to look into that glistening sack of dismembered remains; I had to look." And if you want to touch it then well, this series is for you, demonstrably. It's ghastly, ghoulish. Ok, I found it scary, (am coward) yet also.. terrifically funny.

The humour is perhaps down to the way the Monstrumologist treats his apprentice. He cares, really he does - maybe - and yet has a fabulous way of assuming, and in being disappointed.  There are some wonderful outrageous rants, and choice comments galore: "Snap to, Will Henry, snap to." The odd emphasis on the 'to' snapping the phrase and resetting it to pointed effect. The belittlement of the boy is nicely undercut because it's a memoir, told by the boy as an old man. So there's a dry wit of awareness in his telling of every insult.

Yes, much to savour in the words. Every time it occurs you'll be tempted to say the word 'monstrumologist,' aloud. Or monstrumology. Or Monstrumarium.. Mon-stru-mar-i-um. Hmm.. However, I should warn you, other people in the household might object to this, apparently it gets annoying. Really though, I think that's just their way of asking for more quotes. It's a very speakable horror.

Title: The Isle of Blood
Author: Rick Yancey
ISBN: 9780857070173
Published: 2011
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

 - Paul, Birkenhead Library


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