Monday, April 8, 2013

Hot, new and recommended for 2013: 'Metawars: Fight for the Future' by Jeff Norton

MetaWars is built on the cool dystopian plot-line that in the distant future there are two worlds. There is the real world, where overpopulation, pollution and global warming have ravaged the earth. This is where you sleep, eat and breathe. And then there is the online virtual world, the Metasphere. You can work, go to school, have a nice house and be free from the ugliness of the real world. This is the world where you live.

It is in this world that Jonah Delacroix has his only remaining link with his father, and although Jonah and his mum are only scraping by, Jonah cannot bear parting with the Dollar store Jason Delacroix had set up years before he disappeared. After losing most of their meagre savings competing in an illegal race Jonah has no choice but to clear up the shop ready for sale. When he discovers the secret room in the basement hiding his fathers abandon virtual avatar, and uploads it, Jonah has no idea what he has just set in motion and that the consequences of his choice will be deadly -  Suddenly all the facts about his life seem wrong and upside down. His father had been a Millennial fighting the terrorist Guardians, hadn’t he? The lines between enemy and friend are more blurred than ever and it is a race for Jonah to uncover the truth and save the Metasphere, whatever that means now.

I like the dystopian plot line Jeff Norton used, and as a first book I thought it was a fast-paced, thrilling start to a new sci-fi adventure series. And if you liked this then check out the adult sci-fi book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Sequel: The Dead are Rising.

Title: MetaWars: Fight for the Future
Author: Jeff Norton
ISBN: 9781408314593
Published: 2012
Publisher: Orchard

 - Alannah, Howick Library


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