Friday, April 5, 2013

Hot, new and recommended for 2013: 'The Diviners' by Libba Bray

The Diviners = Libba Bray wit + Supernatural + Thriller + Historical 1920s. Age 14+

Ok, firstly, agreed, it is a GINORMOUS book. I started off thinking – mm maybe a bit ambitious for a teen book – plus I was hesitant – I think I may have mentioned my previous dislike for historical fiction...once, twice, a hundred times.

The Diviners is about a group roughly of about eight characters, living in Manhattan, New York in the 1920s. Each character has a special gift, and tough, wise-cracking flapper girl Evie’s is special enough to get her kicked out of Ohio, not that she’s complaining.  Evie’s only going to stay with her uncle Will, in the Big Apple! Boy is she going to take Manhattan by storm. Just as Evie arrives – a horrible murder occurs- and soon turns into a string of murders, that she, Evie, her uncle Will and friends Jericho and Sam must solve, especially when they start feeling perhaps this murderer isn’t like any other living murderer. Or even living at all.  

What I liked
Historical – Normally I hate it but Bray’s descriptive writing really brings the 1920s to life. I just wanted to buy a gold brocade coat or maybe a lush midnight blue velvet coat with fur collar (faux fur please!) and run off to dance with the Flapper girls in the speakeasies.

Snappy dialogue – really kept this book rolling when the length threatened to drown it. And one really great bonus if you read this book, is that you’ll end up having a wicked knowledge of 1920’s slang. You could say I’m a fan of chin music–chin music–gossip. Makes sense.

Yeah nahs (unsure)
Characters were yay and nay – Some of the characters I loved – for me, Sam was definitely the best, I loved the boys’ confidence. Some of the characters’ relationship storylines went off in bizarro directions, while other characters seemed wholly unnecessary – but I’m going to give Bray some cred. and assume they’ll grow in importance as the series progresses.

Length – Could have been shorter.

While it wasn’t my fav Libba Bray, as a supernatural thriller it is better than most out there.

Title: The Diviners
Author: Libba Bray
Published: 2012
Publisher: Little, Brown

 - Alannah, Howick Library


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