Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hot, new and recommended for 2013: 'A Waste of Good Paper' by Sean Taylor

Taylor has penned a great story in A Waste of Good Paper and one that packs a powerful, emotional punch. The main character, Jason, comes from a tough, unstable home environment, living with his mother, a reformed drug addict battling to stay clean, and his mother's physically and verbally abusive boyfriend Jon. The book follows Jason through his day to day life at Heronford, a school for teenagers with behavioural and emotional problems, and at home. Pete, one of Jason’s teachers, encourages Jason to keep a private journal that he can do what he wants with, which Jason regards as “a waste of good paper.”

It’s a great story with a strong male teen perspective in the voice of character Jason. Jason feels refreshingly authentic and real and spot on for a boy in his shoes. The journal technique and first person narrative felt just right for this book and conveyed Jason’s stubbornness, rage, loneliness, low self-esteem, and helplessness, in a very touching way. The book is full of gentle humour and awkward situations, and as it unfolds we find out why Jason attends this special school and see Jason begin to understand himself and his actions. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it. It makes you think about these boys in a completely different way. Well done, Sean Taylor.

Title: A Waste of Good Paper
Author: Sean Taylor
ISBN: 9781847802682
Published: 2012
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

 - Alannah, Howick Library


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