Friday, April 12, 2013

Hot, new and recommended for 2013: 'The Green Teen Cook Book' by Cheryl Robson

This book is a rough guide to healthy ethical eating – Learn to cook dinner and save the planet at the same time! If Freeganism and flexitarian are foreign words to you, and you love cooking, grab this book out. Basically it spreads awareness about the benefits of healthy eating, avoiding supermarkets and has some super yum recipes by other teens around the world. If it sounds at all preachy, my bad - it’s actually not!

Bonus: I tell you, nothing can put you off a book more than when you feel like your being force fed the authors’ message.

So being a lover of food, delicious food, I gave it a geeze and found some excellent recipes like the Luncheon Stuffed Mushrooms, Green Pesto Tagliatelle or Banana Porridge, yum!!

And I’m definitely going to try the Gruel! – How awesome is that! Now I can finally experience what all those poor Victorian orphans were talking about! And yes, I realise that talking about gruel may not really be selling this book to you.

What I liked: Short, good message, and best, yummy recipes from teens

Title: The Green Teen Cook Book
Author: Cheryl Robson
ISBN: 9781906582128
Published: 2012
Publisher: Aurora Metro Press

 - Alannah, Howick Library


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