Friday, February 22, 2013

Recommendation: 'Perfect' by Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkin's trade mark stream of conscious narratives are edgy, raw and powerfully representative of issues that  people face in today's societies. As the pages turn between one character and the next, the reader fully inhabits the mindset and psyche of that character as the thoughts and emotions of that character flood the page in free verse form and charge ahead.

There is a palpable violence to the words on the page, as if they are flung with force from the psyche of the caracter in question and adding another dimension to the trauma or emotional angst the character is experiencing.

No subject is taboo with this author, her characters grapple with the same serious issues that cross our paths in today's world, nor is she pledged to finish off her novels with an obligatory happy ending.

Ok, so thats a generic description of Ellen Hopkins, rather than a focused brief of this particular novel. Trust me, there is something in this novel for everyone, providing of course that you are looking for a gritty realism to your works of fiction. Or perhaps, like me you are fascinated in this writer's amazing style. How does she manage to write her novels in free verse through out, leaving you spellbound and caught up in the torrent of words and emotions? Read anything you can get your hands on by this author. Go on, right NOW!!!!


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