Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recommendation: 'Green heart' by Alice Hoffman

Green Heart by Alice Hoffman

“I want to know what love is worth. If you can weigh and measure it as my mother once weighed out tomatoes and measured out green beans. I want to know if Diamond is measuring the days since we were last together, or if they mean nothing to him and I alone am counting each hour we’re apart”
Alice Hoffman’s Green Heart is a republication of two short novels: Green Angel (2003) and Green Witch (2010). Both tell the story of Green, a teenage girl with a mystical connection to the environment around her and her struggle to survive after the disaster that killed her family and much of the population of her small town. While Green Angel focuses on her dealing with the disaster and finding herself (and falling in love with the strong but silent Diamond), Green Witch tells more about the new world around her and sees her leaving her home for an adventure of rescue and rebellion.

It sounds like you’re average post-apocalyptic teen read, right? Not so – it’s not fast-paced enough for that. But what it lacks in pace it makes up through Hoffman’s ethereal writing. Green and the people she meets are mysterious and enchanting, and it did have me turning the pages wanting to know what Green would discover about the new world around her and wanting to know how her quest for new life and love would end.

The new edition with these two novels in one means you can devour Green’s story in one go – I challenge anyone to not be moved by Hoffman’s beautiful words and Green’s equal amounts of tenderness and strength.

~ Laura, Leys Institute.


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