Friday, February 1, 2013

Recommendation: 'What's left of me' by Kat Zhang

What's left of me by Kat Zhang

Addie and Eva have a secret they have to keep at all costs - they are a hybrid.  In a world where every body is born with two souls, but one of the souls fades away during childhood, having two souls as you get older labels you as a hybrid - a label that is a death sentence for one of the souls.  Because they "settled" so late, Addie and Eva have faced suspicion and interest from the doctors, but that suspicion faded once Addie became the dominant soul and Eva faded away - at least that is the official story.  Eva is still very much alive, and even though she is buried inside their body, too weak to move their body on her own, she can still talk to Addie and experience things their body experiences. 

When Addie and Eva meet another hybrid their world is tilted upside down, not only because it proves they are not alone, but also because the other hybrid is certain they can help Eva gain some control over their body again.  It is a chance that Eva didn't know she wanted until it was there, a chance to be normal again to be more than just a passenger in her own body.  But it is a chance that comes with great danger, especially if they are discovered. 

To hide a hybrid is a terrible crime, to be a hybrid and not come forward for treatment is even worse - her very existence could label Addie and Eva traitors to their country, traitors of the worst kind.  But there is something not quite right, something that tantalises just out of reach - a secret waiting to be discovered.

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