Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recommendation: 'Ripper' by Stefan Petrucha

Ripper by Stefan Petrucha

Carver Young only has one goal in life; to escape his life at the orphanage and become a detective. So when Carver gets the chance to become the assistant to legendary Detective Hawkings, he jumps at the chance. Carver has only one clue to his past, a note in the scrawly hand of his father, and this could be his best chance to solve the biggest mystery of all; who was his father? Carver hasn’t long been at the Agency before he glimpses a handwritten note, quickly stowed from his sight. A note that spoke of the author’s handiwork with a blade and love of his violent work. A note in handwriting similar to Carver's own note. Could his father be alive and be the devil the agency were tracking? And if he was...what did that make him?

What a story, what a book.

I thought Ripper was awesome, and this is from someone who really doesn’t go for the historical setting. The characters were really likeable especially Carver, Finn and Delia. Actually, I’ve just realised Carver reminded me somewhat of a young Sherlock Holmes, minus the opium addiction, of course. I loved Petrucha’s re-imagining of history and grisly Jack the Ripper. Packed with loads of action, quirky contraptions and a secret policing agency, the cat and mouse game between Carver, Hawking and Jack kept me riveted. But the thing that really sold this book was the twist! Oh man, I did NOT see that coming.

4/5 stars.
~ Alannah.


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