Friday, January 25, 2013

Recommendation: Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link

Pretty Monsters. Kelly Link has given us a delicious grab bag of magical, fantastic tales where the supernatural intertwines with daily life as a matter of course within each story. It is hard to pick a favourite within this collection, but of course, working in a library, I have a particular fondness for anything involving books or library related geekery, so Magic for Beginners and The Faery Handbag were two special favourites. The last story in the collection has a character who comments that teenage girls are like "pretty monsters", which is a wonderful evocation of the twin streams of awful malaciousness, and coltish young beauty that makes up the swirling mass of teen girlhood. Kelly Link, you are amazeballs and yes thank you, I WILL be looking you up to see what else you have written for adult audiences.


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