Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recommendation: 'The indigo notebook' by Laura Resau

I have been reading the eBook version of The indigo notebook, it is also available in hard copy format.

Zeeta is the child of Layla, but it's hard to tell sometimes, they are more like sisters. Layla is the dreamy one and Zeeta is becoming more like the parent, the responsible one, always remembering the jackets on a cold day, that sort of thing. Every year Zeeta chooses a different colour notebook to write her journal and this year it is indigo.
Always on the move, every year a different country, and Zeeta is longing for more stability, just to stay in one place a bit longer and maybe for Layla to settle down with a nice man and they can be a regular family. However, this does not look likely any time soon. This year Layla is teaching English in Otavalo in South America. Their next adventure in their new home begins and along the way Zeeta meets Wendell, whose girlfriend is back in Canada and a friendship begins. He is searching for his birth parents and longs to make the connection, no easy task in a small village where the villagers believe the past stays where it is, in the past. However, together Wendell and Zeeta embark on a voyage determined to discover his origins. His adopted parents are very supportive of his quest and so the real adventure begins, uncovering secret powers, hidden caves, family feuds.

A recommended read and I am sure that I will enjoy The ruby notebook, just as much as this one and have just seen that there is a more recent one called The jade notebook.
Also by this author:

~ Doreen.


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