Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recommendation: ‘Counting backwards’ by Laura Lascarso

Counting backwards by Laura Lascarso

Taylor has been sent to Sunny Meadows school to be rehabilitated after she stole a car from one of her mother's boyfriends and her father decided that she needed help that her mother couldn’t give her.  Sunny Meadows is supposed to be a school, but the reality is a detention centre for disturbed young people where the sexes are segregated as much as possible, and where every privilege has to be earned.  From
the start Taylor is determined to escape back to her mother, even though life isn’t perfect with her mother is it better than being forced to do therapy.  
Taylor hates the school with a passion and wants to be left alone, she doesn’t believe she needs to be rehabilitated, and she feels increasing resentment about being locked up.  She dreams of escape, of getting back home – even though it may only be until her alcoholic mother breaks her promise to stop drinking – again. 

What Taylor doesn’t realise is that there is a lesson for her to learn, one that she can only learn at Sunny Meadows.  Taylor’s journey of self-discovery is raw, powerful, and leaves a lasting mark.  To tell you too much is to ruin the story, a story that unfolds like a flower searching for light in the spring.  Taylor is a teenager trying to find her way, a journey that teenagers all over the world will be familiar with – although not all teenagers end up in a detention centre receiving therapy.

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