Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Recommendation: 'Cracked' by K.M.Walton

Cracked by K.M Walton.

This powerful novel deals with the weighty subjects of bullying, alongside emotional and physical abuse. Explosive combinations to be sure. Formatted in alternating chapter by the two protagonists, Victor and Bull, each character reveals the weight of emotional turmoil they endure, gradually culminating in stress fractures that lead each boy to drastically act out. As an additional and interesting plot development, Bull is the prime tormentor of Victor, taking out his dysfunctional home life on the underserving Victor. Silently enduring his daily persecution, coupled with his lack of emotional nurturance at home, Victor decided he has had enough of life. Fate seems a cruel mistress when both boys find themselves roommates on a psych ward. A cleverly crafted novel dealing with disturbing social issues teens sometimes find themselves grappling with.

Sue W.


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