Sunday, December 16, 2012

Recommendation: 'Pushing the limits' by Katie McGarry

Pushing the limits by Katie McGarry
Echo is the popular girl who has fallen; she vanished at the end of her sophomore year and returned the following year with scars on her arms that she hides under her always present long sleeves. She can’t remember the events that caused the scars, and no one will tell her what happened because she has to remember on her own so her mind doesn’t crack. Noah is the stoner, the one night stand that every girl wants to have with the secret hope that they can make this loner hottie into boyfriend material. All he wants is to get his family back together, but after he saved another teenager from a beating in his first foster home he has been labelled a trouble maker.

Enter social worker Mrs Collins, a woman who is determined to see Noah and Echo succeed, and part of her plan is pushing them together so Echo can tutor Noah and help him graduate. The plan works better than expected though, as Noah and Echo discover that they each have something to gain if they can only get a glimpse of their files in Mrs Collins office. As they plot and plan how they can sneak a peak, they grow closer and come to realise that they can get so much more out of their relationship than just information.

A touching novel about life, love, and growing up – told from the point of view of two teenagers who have a lot to lose, and a lot to gain if they can learn to open up to each other and seize an opportunity before it is too late.

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