Saturday, December 15, 2012

Recommendation: 'Origin' by Jessica Khoury

Origin by Jessica Khoury

Pia has been told she is perfect her whole life – she has heightened senses, her skin is impervious to cutting, and she can never die.  Pia is the result of the Immortis project, a project that has been hidden in the rainforest for decades as the scientists worked towards a single goal – a race of immortal beings just like Pia. Surrounded by the scientists who are her “aunts” and “uncles”, Pia learns the skills she will need to one day lead the Immortis team, a prospect she looks forward to with increasing impatience, even though it means she has to face the dreaded Wickham tests. She has lived her whole life in a gilded cage, something she never even knew until the night she leaves the compound and discovers the world outside, and Eio. Eio and his people are like nothing she has ever known, and they give her a new understanding of her world, and what it really costs. 

This is an amazing debut novel that was gripping and thoroughly engrossing – once I started it I begrudged every moment that I had to put it down, and I raced back to it as soon as I could to see what happened next!

Reviewed by Em


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