Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the end of the world...

If you’re quick, there’s time to read these books about the End of the World / Armageddon / the Apocalypse (pick a name) before the Mayan Apocalypse, scheduled for the end of this week (I’ve heard it will be 12.11am Saturday, New Zealand time).
Because of the popularity and currency of the Mayan prophecy, you can find many an apocalyptic read. Because of the popularity of dystopian novels, you can find many a post-apocalyptic read. So – I’ve tried to narrow it down to more Christian-end-of-world-Armageddon reads. :D     Also recommended:
  • Angelfall by Susan Ee
  • Forsaken by Jana Oliver (aka The demon trapper’s daughter)
  • The fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski

  • The 13th horseman / Barry Hutchison Drake is surprised to find three horsemen of the apocalypse playing snakes and ladders in his garden shed. He's even more surprised when they insist that he is one of them. They're missing a Horseman, having gone through several Deaths and they think that Drake is the boy for the job. At first he's reluctant to usher in Armageddon but does being in charge of Armageddon have to spell the end of the world? Ages 14+ Annie's comment: You must admit... finding out you’re perfect as Death – from a group of guys playing snakes and ladders – would be quite disconcerting.    

    Hunger / Jackie Morse Kessler
    Seventeen-year-old Lisabeth has anorexia, and even turning into Famine--one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--cannot keep her from feeling fat and worthless. Ages 14+
    Annie's comment: First in a series about teens who are the Four Horseman, well, Horsepeople, I guess. The teens’ issues are more to the forefront of the books than Armageddon itself, which makes them intriguing reads.    

    Doom rider / David Gatward
    Seth Crow has lived a thousand lives, and in each one he's been murdered before he turns thirteen. And now he's being hunted again. But this time it's different. Enter Lily, who tells him of his fate: Seth is CONQUEST. The first of the four riders of the Apocalypse. And people want him dead, before he can fulfil his destiny. Seth's only hope lies in finding the other riders - Strife, Famine and Death. Together, the fate of the world lies in their hands...
    Annie's comment: Another new Rider for the Apocalypse! But, these are not the traditional ones, as the author has made a point of mixing it up.    

    Waywalkers / Catherine Webb
    Sam Linnfer works part-time at a London university as a translator of obscure ancient texts. He's a quiet chap with a few friends here and there, and an affection for cats. He's also immortal and the Son of Time. In fact, you might know him better as Lucifer, the Devourer of Souls, or the Devil. Sequel is Timekeepers.
    Annie's comment: Sorta-Christian. Well, sorta a bit of everything. But, brace yourself, the hero is Sam Linnfer, aka Lucifer, aka The Devil. I’ll be honest here, I <3 Sam. 

    Good omens: the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, a witch : a novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil GaimanThe world is going to end next Saturday, just before dinner, but it turns out there are a few problems--the Antichrist has been misplaced, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse ride motorcycles, and the local representatives from heaven and hell decide, on the whole, they prefer the Earth the way it is.
    Caveat: Kids! Bringing about the Armageddon can be dangerous! Do not attempt it in your own home! I way-more-than-three this book! I re-read it every year or so. Seriously. Two words: Pratchett; Gaiman. Totally WIN. Epic Win! Funny (of course). Thoughtful.  

    - Annie, Central City Library.


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