Sunday, May 16, 2010

Charlie Higson @ AWRF

Charlie Higson – comic and author. During his one-hour session Charlie took the audience all over the place – through his love of zombie movies and James Bond. He began by inviting the audience of, mainly, secondary students to imagine life without any adults… well, mostly no adults – the only ones left are like zombies and just want to eat you. That’s the premise of his new series – which starts with The enemy.

Higson is the author of the Young Bond series. He was approached by the family of Ian Fleming (creator of Bond) to write about James’ childhood. Along the way, we had diversions in the Balkans, discussion on traditional slow zombies vs fast 28 Days Later zombies, and the challenges that came with writing about a character so identifiable in pop culture.

Advice for writers:

  • Steal ideas – but only good ones – from others
  • Work in a way that works for you. Some authors plan every detail, others plan nothing. Charlie’s a bit in between – he starts with the characters, knows how it starts and finishes, and a couple of important points along the way – but the characters dictate the action
  • Read a lot
  • Act out characters – use their voices, even if only in your head
  • - Annie


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