Saturday, October 6, 2012

Movie Soundtracks are awesome and so is Birdy

I don’t watch a lot of movies, but one of the things I enjoy most about them is the music. A movie soundtrack can make or break a movie – what would Jaws be without that theme music?? Here are a few soundtracks I like at the moment.

Brave: an original Walt Disney Records soundtrack
The Brave movie is pretty cool – how could it not be with a kick-ass heroine like Merida? The music is also pretty rad – it’s quite Celtic sounding (think fiddles and bagpipes) so it’s not your everyday pop music but give it a try. My favourite track is 'Learn Me Right', performed by Birdy and Mumford & Sons. I’m a long time Mumford & Sons fan and a new fan of Birdy. This girl is amazing- she’s only 16, she’s been writing music since she was 8, had her first hit at 14 and she has a beautiful voice. 'Learn me Right' is haunting but upbeat, with a Mumford & Sons folk-rock feel. My other favs are 'Song of Mor’du' and 'Noble Maiden Fair'.

The Hunger Games: songs from district 12 and beyond
It’s the Hunger Games, what can I say? It’s quite a dark, morose soundtrack, but then, a movie about teenagers fighting to the death so it was never going to be butterflies and candyfloss. My favourite track is 'Just a Game' by Birdy (yea, she’s awesome). Just go listen to it! The two Taylor Swift songs ('Eyes Open' and 'Safe & Sound)' are also popular, I really like 'Safe and Sound' but 'Eyes Open' gets on my nerves - I think it’s the disjointed sound of “Keep your eye-eyes open” in the chorus. Also give 'Abraham's Daughter' a go.

And it’s not a movie soundtrack but also check out Birdy’s self-titled album, it’s worth it.

- Anna D


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