Saturday, September 8, 2012

Flight of the Concords (and stuff like that)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have seen/know about the cure kids Red Nose Day show for CureKids on TV3 last week. A highlight of the night was a comedy song written for the occasion by Flight of the Concords, with a little help from some young friends. In honour of the occasion, here’s some Flight of the Concords related bits and pieces.

But first, the CureKids song – it’s called “Feel inside (and stuff like that)” and it’s performed by FOTC and other New Zealand musicians. The interviews with the kids are particularly hilarious – and make rather unique lyrics. My favourites are the lines which rhyme hospital with “lospital” and “mospital” and the chorus “open up the lids and helpa helpa helpa the kids.” Ahh good times.

“Feel inside (and stuff like that)

Flight of the Conchords (the BBC radio series).
Hear where it all began – before there was the hit tv show, there was a BBC radio show. Starring FOTC and featuring kiwis like Rhys Darby (not as Murray though!) and Neil Finn, this has lots of their hit songs and is pretty cool.

This Way to Spaceship by Rhys Darby.
Rhys Darby isn’t technically part of the Flight of the Conchords, but he helps make their show the comic gold it is. This is his first book and its part autobiography, part how-to survival guide for the coming apocalypse. He’s got some mad stories about growing up (one involves military uniforms, a digger and the police) and some excellent ideas how to stow away on a spaceship when the end of the world is near.
I only wish we had an audio-book version read by Rhys with his distinct accent and awesome sound effects.

- Anna D


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