Saturday, August 18, 2012

Recommendation: 'Emerald' by Karen Wallace

Emerald by Karen Wallace
Emerald and her brother have always had a distant relationship with their mother. Emerald is much closer to her foster mother, Aunt Frances. Now, after years of ignoring her existence, her mother’s power has come to threaten Emerald’s future. Emerald’s mother has promised her in marriage to Lord Suckley, a gross, ill-mannered, and cruel old man. But, as Emerald begins to discover, this is just a small part of her mother’s plan. A plot to kill the queen – Queen Elizabeth I. In order to discover more, and foil the plot – not to mention avoid marrying Suckley – Emerald must learn to become a court lady. And, by doing so, she must try and keep her family and friends safe – including her pet bear, Molly. All the while, she gathers more secrets, some that could destroy her family and world.

A tale of history, intrigue, and romance.

- Annie, library staff


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