Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Retro read: 'The tricksters' by Margaret Mahy

The tricksters by Margaret Mahy
A retro-read, perfect for mid-year, dreaming of summer...
Margaret Mahy has written many a fascinating read – and this is one of the lesser-knowns. But, make it one of your retro-reads. I challenge you. Harry is 17, and obsessed with writing her torrid romance novel. Her parents’ relationship is under crisis, due to a secret coming to light. Add in a whole heap of family, gathered together for Christmas, and some very strange strangers… and this is a tale not to be missed. The visitors are three brothers – the Tricksters of the title – who are ghosts (maybe) who have taken physical form. They could also be characters from Harry’s book. Whatever they are, their presences requires the family to navigate some tricky waters. This one takes the supernatural love theme, found in The Changeover, to new levels. PS Kristin Cashore, author of Graceling and others, named her blog This Is My Secret after a paragraph from The Tricksters. - Annie, library staff


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