Saturday, June 30, 2012

Recommendation: 'Mortal chaos' by Matt Dickinson

Mortal chaos by Matt Dickinson
Each second of each person’s or thing’s life is separate and distinct from every other second. And yet however disjointed the whole mess of seconds and minutes that make up our world may seem, everything is connected in some way. That’s the basic scientific concept as best I understand it, of the Chaos Theory. The tiniest change in one of those seconds can lead to very unpredictable results further down the track. It’s the basic precept of a lot of time travel science fiction I have read, which is probably why I picked up this book, even though I usually run screaming from anything science related.

The author takes a dozen seemingly unconnected and quite different characters and tosses the cards up in the air in short snappy chapters which make this book incredibly easy to read (and make it a real page-turner). Jamie and Will steal a gun to go on the ultimate hunting adventure, Tina is late for work, Kuni is attempting to climb Mt Everest while her father travels on business and waits to hear from her. From England to Washington to Africa, this tale spans the globe in the space of just a few hours of one day. And as the tag line on the book says “Some will live. Some will die. All are connected.”

It may seem disorganised but everything comes together following the intricate plan the author had before he put pen to paper. And there is more on the way, together with a website from Matt who is also an adventurer and filmmaker.

- Anne, library staff


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