Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Book cover faux pas

Do you ever look at book covers and wonder: what were they thinking?! That so does not work!

Maybe you've wondered about the clothing worn on the covers... You're not the only one! Forever YA has invited a fashion boutique owner to discuss clothes and accessories displayed in recent teen titles. Check it out - Book Cover Fashion Police!

Maybe you've wondered about the poses on the covers. Are they humanly possible? Adult fantasy author, Jim C Hines has wondered that, too... but then he tested some of them out!

  • Striking a Pose (Women and Fantasy covers)
  • Then, there's the follow up post - answering questions / issues raised...
  • Then, he did a post of Posing Like a Man
  • Others followed suit, including Genrereviews...

    Now, I'll admit these posts do create laughter - and, maybe not entirely all appropriate to a teen audience. But - now's the time to start thinking what messages book cover creators are giving out?

    Maybe it is time to judge books by their covers. What cover/s has made you go 'huh!?'


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