Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recommendation: 'Daughter Of Xanadu' by Dori Jones Yang

Daughter Of Xanadu by Dori Jones Yang
Often it really is true that there is a book written about every subject.Cover of 'Daughter of Xanadu' by Dori Jones Yang. Daughter Of Xanadu by Dori Jones Yang has set her historical novel in the time of Marco Polo and the Mongol empire.

Emmajin wants to become a warrior. Nothing wrong in that, but very unusual for a Mongol girl. She should be inhabiting the worlds of courts and looking after men. Being the granddaughter of a great khan lets her prove her worth at being a warrior. But it’s her friendship with the western foreigner Marco Polo which really gets people talking. Although Emmajiin acknowledges the power and might of her empire she becomes attracted to Marco for his gentle ways. His horror of bloodshed and wanton killing begins to get Emmajin thinking that Marco's way of life, his ‘Christian Empire’ and his value of trading needs to be seen. Is Marco’s empire a threat to Emmajin’s Mongol empire? The Khan allows Emmagin to travel with Marco back to his home. But she must act as a spy to discover how powerful a threat the Christian Empire is.

Dori Jones Yang has written a very good first novel. Great setting, lots of action, cool cover. Part two has been written and I'll be looking forward to reading that.

- Barry, library staff


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