Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Retro read: 'Winter of fire' by Sherryl Jordan

Winter of fire by Sherryl Jordan

Elsha lives in our future, a world where the sky is dark and the cold is unforgiving. In her world the Quelled mine for the precious Firestone that keeps them all alive, Elsha and her people are branded by the Chosen and spend their days in hard labour. It is a harsh world where life is hard, and women are treated as second class citizens – unless they are harsha, a female Quelled, in which case they are not even female! The highest person in the land is the Firelord, only he has the power to find the Firestone beneath the Earth, and his handmaiden is destined for a great life. She has her secret dreams and rebellions, and the Chosen know she is a troublemaker, but on her 16th birthday she decides to take some time for herself and finds herself on the path to a new future. She is taken from her old life and thrust into a new life where nothing is as it seems, and even though she should be one of the highest and most favoured people in the land, her Quelled past keeps her from finding an easy peace with herself or her new life.

- Em


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