Saturday, April 28, 2012

Recommendation: 'Warriors in the crossfire' by Nancy Bo Flood

Warriors in the crossfire by Nancy Bo Flood
This short little novel 140-pages is set on the North Pacific island of Saipan during the closing months of World War Two. Joseph is a native of the island living with the Japanese occupiers. Joseph's father tells Joseph that way is coming soon. The Americans will soon land on the beaches and kill both the Japanese and the islanders. Joseph's father tells him that Joseph must take his family to a cave and hide there. Joseph's half-Japanese cousin also wants to come, but Joseph has been told not to trust anyone. Joseph learns what it is to become a warrior. He sees death around him, from the dead soldiers to the 100s of Japanese jumping off the cliffs to commit suicide to rather than face defeat.

I was expecting a little bit more from this read. Some more war and adventure bits was what I was after. That said, Warriors in the crossfire is a quick read. Quite good to read between finishing and starting another novel and the setting does make it more interesting.

- Barry, library staff


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