Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recommendation: 'Drop zone' by Andy McNab

Drop zone by Andy McNab
Ethan Blake has what feels like a dead end life – he goes to school and comes home to a family where his mother works long hours, his sister hides herself away with her art, and his dad is an angry and controlling drunk who is sucking the life out of the rest of the family. Ethan feels a little lost and distracted, until he sees a person B.A.S.E jump from his building.

Now Ethan has something that interests him and makes him feel alive – the world of skydiving and B.A.S.E jumping. Skydiving is a whole new world with new friends, new enemies, and rules that literally mean the difference between life and death. His summer job was just meant to be a job, but over the weeks Ethan finds himself drawn into a friendship, and then training, with the elite skydiving team based at the skydiving school. When Ethan has his first jump it is amazing, and the chance to train is an opportunity too good to miss. But, he senses there is something going on beneath the surface, something that the rest of the team and their trainer is not sharing. All too soon Ethan finds out the truth – and by then he is along for the ride of his life.

This is the first book in a new series from a master storyteller. Andy McNab always has plenty of action in his novels and Drop zone is no exception with adrenaline packed jumps and tense action. While the book takes a while to get to the point (that the team is actually a group of teenage operatives) the journey is packed with action and drama that drags you into Ethan’s world. Highly recommended reading for older teenagers who don’t mind a little bit of swearing, and for anyone who enjoys an action packed read. Look out for book two – Terminal velocity.

A five star read.

- Em


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